The Z9 Network is the largest social network in the up-and-becoming market. The Z9 stands out with high-quality content in a variety of subjects and topics.

This is a comprehensive list of the Z9 entities on Telegram, including channels, groups and bots. The Z9 also owns several Facebook (Pages and Groups) and Twitter entities.

Telegram Channels:

Art Pool

Greatest collection of beautiful photos and art media

Catskills News

Get breaking news, headlines, scenes, buff, and other local material


Get your simple ads posted here for free! We also place lengthy ads, bold ads, and distribute your ads to other channels and groups for low prices. Contact us to place your ad.

Consumer Alert

Get recall alerts, scan reports, and know which local is ripping you off. We are NOT here to help distribute your gossip and frustration, but we ARE here to help local consumers (Metro NY & other Jewish communities) avoid scamming businesses.

Telegram Directory

Links to public groups and channels on Telegram


Get amazing specials, while it's still warm (i.e. Dan's Deals, etc.)

Health & Medicine

News headlines, educational tutorials, animations and humor, related to your health and medical subjects.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Jewish Lectures

Get a steady stream of audio and video assays & lectures.

Jewish Media

Formerly "Everything Jewish"
Get news, viral pics & vids, humor and all sorts of Jewish-related stuff.

Jewish News™

Breaking news, headlines, political polls, full multimedia coverage.

Jews on TV

TV clips with Jewish coverage.

NYC Updates

Get updates for New York City. From day-to-day happenings, to traffic & weather reports.

Polls & Surveys

Get your voice heard and let your opinion count.

Political News & Polls

Live coverage of all political headlines, polls, election schedules & results, and much more.

Popular & Trending Videos

Popular videos from all over. Not your everyday copy/paste channel...


All sorts of publications, front-pages and full PDFs and links. Newspapers, magazines, etc.

Science & Knowledge

Science headlines and discoveries.


All sorts of technology headlines and rumors, as well as photos, videos and tricks.
Upstate NY

Upstate New York

get news, headlines, breaking news, scenes and other upstate material, including weather and more.

Z9 Network

Directory of all Z9Network channels & groups, including Jewish News, Jewish Media, Political news, Publications, Weather, Directory, Buff, Health, Technology, Discounts, Classifieds & much more.

Telegram Groups:

Marketplace Sellers

Discuss marketplaces, like Amazon, eBay, Jet, etc.

Polls & Surveys

Get your voice heard and let your opinion count.

Technical Support

Technical Support

נייעס און אפיניענס

פאליטיק און אפיניענס

Political supergroup, the largest in its class. Yiddish or English only.


Twitter Pages

Z9 Network

Most news and media posts, in one handle

Instagram Pages

Z9 Network

Most photo and video posts, in one handle

Facebook Groups & Pages

Achsher Dura | אכשר דרא

Islam: The Religion of Peace

Is Islam the Religion of Peace? Join this group.

Jewish Media

Get news, viral pics & vids, humor and all sorts of Jewish-related stuff.

Jewish Music Piracy

Jewish News

Aggregated news feed.

Police Brutality and Government Corruption

Shlomo Helbrans

Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. (Joshua) Twerski

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