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Android News Channel The latest Android news Technology:Android English September 22, 2015 
Anime Channel The latest and greatest anime. Anime  English September 22, 2015 
App Store Deals Free Apps & Discounts for a limited time If you wonder why we do not publish free apps and discounts every now and then, the answer is: Quality and reviewed apps only. Technology  English September 25, 2015 
Art Awesome art, found anywhere. Art  English September 23, 2015 
Auto News Are you interested in Autos? Join this channel for up-to-the-minute news headlines and updates with multimedia attachments. Auto @AgDev English January 11, 2016 
Best GIFS Every day we send you the best GIFs. Enjoy! Entertainment  English September 25, 2015 
Cats Channel Cats, cats and cats. Animals  English October 2, 2015 
Did You Know If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working? Education  English September 23, 2015 
Dilbert This is the channel about the famous Comic Dilbert created by Scott Adams. Comics  English September 22, 2015 
Emergency Updates Get all the the latest emergency updates News @BneiYoel English August 19, 2015 
Football Channel Football in general. Photos, videos, history and more... Stay tuned! Sports  English September 22, 2015 
Free Apps Limited time free apps and PromoCodes for iOS, Android, WP, PC, XBOX.  Technology  English September 23, 2015 
Glitchart Your daily dose of glitchart Art  English  
High Tunes Hightunes is a service for discovering good music in different genres. Music English September 23, 2015 
Imgur Channel Best daily imgur images. :ok_hand: Delivered directly to your Telegram messenger. Entertainment  English September 28, 2015 
Jewish News™ #1 in Breaking News and Headlines News @ZeeGee English September 22, 2015 
Open Data Science News and publications about data science. Education, Science  English September 22, 2015 
Peanuts Daily Peanuts strips by Charles Schulz. Comics  English September 23, 2015 
Pokemon Channel Pokémon Unofficial Channel. All Pokémon stuff here, enjoy! Entertainment  English September 21, 2015 
Real Dealz Be updated with all the best deals found on the web. Shopping David Mask English  
Shmira News The official Shmira news-feed. Shmira is an all-volunteer emergency community service team, operation 24/7. News, Law Enforcement @BneiYoel English September 22, 2015 
Sockz Daily photos of socks Photos  English September 22, 2015 
Steam Channel Unofficial Steam channel. News, deals, games and more. Games  English September 22, 2015 
Stickers Channel What's up bro? Do you want to discover the coolest stickers? Wanna impress your friends with the best shit? Entertainment  English September 22, 2015 
Telegram Official announcement channel of Telegram News  English September 20, 2015 
Telegram Desktop The official Telegram Desktop channel, firsthand information from the developer. News  English September 24, 2015 
Telegram Stickers The official channel on Telegram. Entertainment  English September 22, 2014 
The Washington Post The Washington Post latest important news News  English September 27, 2015 A computer engineering blog. Technology  English September 22, 2015 
Vocal Dubstep The best of dubstep with vocal! Music @channeladmin English September 22, 2015 
WuMo In this channel will be posted the daily strip of the comic WuMo by Wulff and Morgenthaler. Comics  English September 23, 2015 
xkcd This channel will provide you with the latest xkcd comics! Comics  English September 22, 2015 
Youtube Channel Best daily videos directly to your Telegram. Entertainment  English  
אידישער ווינקל אידישע מידיע אויף טעלעגראם Yiddish, Journalism Yiddish January 13, 2016 
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